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  1. March Monthly Meeting

This month’s meeting is on Tuesday March 14 at 7:15 PM at the Professional Building, 770 Tamalpais Drive, Suite 201 at Corte Madera Town Center, close to Barnes & Noble. We meet at the Community Room on the second floor, either climb the outside stairs or take elevator inside lobby of main building. The CHP (California Highway Patrol) Public Information Officers will discuss passenger & driver safety, transporting kids in cars, safe driving practices & bicycle safety. Au Pairs, you must let me know ahead of time if you have a valid reason for not being able to attend.

  1. Host Family Event


Host Family Event on Sunday April 2 at 9:45am. It is a Spring Egg Hunt for the kids! Families will be sent an Evite invitation. Please do not be late, the Egg Hunt will start at 10:00am promptly so make sure you arrive by 9:45am at the latest.

We will be looking for volunteers for face painting!


Civic Center Lagoon Park  Sunday April 2 at 9:45am


Please join us for our host family event, a Spring Egg Hunt! A special area for little ones under 2 years. Candy/novelty filled eggs for all & prizes for those who find a few “special” eggs! Face painting! Light refreshments & drinks will be provided. Please bring a basket ! Don’t be late to find those eggs, hunt will start at 10:00 AM!

The park is located across from the Civic Center near the lagoon & kids playground. Go through the gates/ entrance of the Marin County Fair carnival rides area. Benches near the lagoon & close to grassy hill. Large free car park. Event will finish around 11:00 AM. After the egg hunt, you & your family can stay to feed the ducks, play in the playground or visit the Farmer’s Market.


  1. Au Pair Contact List

Please find attached our updated contact list.


  1. College of Marin Spring Session Community Classes


The College of Marin Spring Session for Community Classes is now open for registration. Dates of classes are between April 3 – May 20. There should have been a booklet delivered in the mail or you can pick one up at the college or local library. You can also look on-line at:



I have attached the proof of class form for your teacher to sign on the LAST day of class. Do not get it signed before the last day. If the teacher will not sign the form, please let me know.


In addition, you can ask for an Attendance Verification Form from the office so that each day you attend a class you can write the number of hours in that class & your teacher can sign it to show you were there.



  1. Alliant Weekend Au Pair Classes

Au Pairs can complete their entire educational requirement by completing two of these courses, in one or two weekends (plus preparation and follow-up assignments). These classes are a great way see a new city and meet lots of other au pairs.

To see a full description of the classes at all locations, visit! Classes are offered in Boston, Chicago, San Diego, San Francisco, Tampa and Utah.


In Chicago, San Francisco, or Boston you can get the equivalent of three credits by taking Course A or B during one 3-day weekend. The cost is $295 plus $50 – $80 to cover all activities, some meals, field trips, and transportation during class hours. The online registration fee is $10. Housing and airfare is not included.


To get all 6 credits and fulfill the education requirement using just weekend classes, you can register for both Course A and B at the same time for $500. There is a $100 – $150 fee to cover all activities, some meals, field trips, and transportation during class hours. In Chicago, Boston or San Francisco you would need to attend two 3-day weekends. In Tampa and San Diego you would need to attend one 4-day weekend. The registration fee is $15. Housing and airfare is not included.


Course Schedule – San Francisco

Although it can be fun to use vacation time and travel for a weekend class (and usually stay a few days extra to explore the city), the San Francisco weekend classes are also a very easy, popular option! Please see the class details here:

The next SF classes are:

Course A – April 21-23

Course B – July 21-23


The class schedule for each weekend is listed below:

  • Fridays: 3:30-9:30 pm (Check-in is 3:00-3:25pm)
  • Saturdays: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • Sundays: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm



  1.   Some Great Child Activity Websites (information and maps to Marin playgrounds) (information on programs at the Discovery Museum in Sausalito) (some fun ideas for the Bay Area)


Bay Are Websites for movies, concerts, weather, local news for everything going on in the area for items for sale for fun things to do in the Bay Area

  1. Bay Area Annual Au Pair Disco Boat Cruise

This year’s Bay Area Disco Boat Cruise will be on Saturday May 6 between 6:30 – 10:45pm. You can find information on the Cultural Care Au Pair page. More details on cost & how to sign up will follow.

Our May Monthly Meeting will be on Sunday May 7, mini golf at Smith Ranch Golf Club at 4:00pm. If you attend the Disco Cruise, that will count as your monthly meeting but you are of course welcome to attend both!

Monday, 6 March 2017 8:11 PM


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